Best Operating System “Windows vs MacOS”

There are two most known and currently most in use operating systems globally, windows and macOS. About 77% to 88% of the population is using Windows operating systems on their PC’s and laptops while macOS is being used by 9.6 to 13% of the population.

There are times when we can’t decide which operating system will serve us better according to our requirements and use. If you are confused too, don’t worry we are here to help you choose the best operating system which suit your needs.

Apart from user needs, choosing an operating system also depends upon the user’s self inclination towards the hardware they prefer, scaling of the hardware and also the diversity in the amount they are going to spend. Choosing an OS also depends on the people around you, what they are using (smart phone and tablets).

Ownership of Windows and MacOS:

Windows is owned by Microsoft Incorporation and MacOS is owned by Apple Incorporation.

First versions of Windows and MacOS:

In 1985 Microsoft launched the first version of Windows while Apple Incorporation launched the first version of MacOS in 2001.

Current Version of Windows and MacOS:

Windows 10 is the current version of windows while Catalina also known as MacOS 10.15.1 is the current version of MacOS.

Windows vs MacOS Hardware Support:

MacOS runs only on the hardware manufactured by Apple incorporation while Windows can be installed on a number of different hardware manufacturers licensed by Microsoft Incorporation. Diversity in hardware support is the reason why windows has more users than MacOS. Windows PC’s and laptops are more common than MacBooks because hardware for windows computers can easily and cost efficiently be upgraded due to the competition among the hardware providers. On the other hand Apple incorporation is the sole provider of hardware for systems operating MacOS, and Apple’s hardware is comparatively costly.

Windows price vs MacOS price:

MacOS is free but you have to buy the MacBook for running MacOS and the cheapest MacBook costs $999 while you can get a Windows PC for as low as $550 to $600.

Built in Apps in Windows vs MacOS:

Both operating systems include a good number of apps and built in utilities such as screenshot tools, email clients, drawing tools, audio and video players, weather, voice recorders and web browsers.

Windows contain Skype, sticky notes, translator and Xbox Gaming app but MacOS is bundled with streaming music utility, a powerful video editor and preview utility. Both OSes comes with default security tools, which are good and can keep your system secure up to some extent but you may need to install an advanced security software if you want ultimate protection.

Windows Interface vs MacOS interface:

Both OSes offers a rich user interface which can easily be customized according to user needs. You can customize the background images, background colors, Font of the text and Text size, you can also customize the task bar and start bar in windows and dock in MacOs.

Windows vs MacOS Input Support:

Windows 10 from its launch had added support for full touch screens while MacOS has recently added touch support only to the touch bar on some of their high end devices like MacBook Pro. Windows 10 support full touch screens but you have to look for touch screen laptops, in the market there are fully convertible laptops which smoothly functions in both ways as normal laptops and as tablets. Some of the best touch screen windows laptops are Razor Blade 15 studio Edition, Dell XPS 15 and HP Spectre x360.

Windows also support stylus pen and other third party digital pens on touch screens which converts handwriting to text amazingly. Both operating systems supports dictation which convert voice to text in an extremely good way.

Mobile Device Integration in Windows vs MacOS:

Both OSes have an excellent support for mobile devices, but mobile phones manufactured by Apple incorporation can not connect to a PC or laptop running windows, If you have an iPhone or iPad and then you must should have a MacBook, if you want to connect it to your Laptop. On the other hand you can connect a number of mobile phones with different mobile operating systems to a windows laptop or PC.

Windows has a bulit in app called “Your Phone app” which can be used to read and send text messages from computer connected to your phone. You can also view photos in “Your Phone app” from your mobile device but can’t send these photos from your computer. There are a number of app available in android play store which let you sync devices, transfer contacts and other crucial files from your android device to your computer. Huawei HiSuite and Samsung kies are two of such apps.

Apple’s device integration is a bit more advanced then windows, the MacOS let you sync to a nearby iPhone device enabling you to send text messages from the notification panel. With Apple photos you can share all your photos across devices, FaceTime lets you start a video call between devices and with Apple’s watch you can unlock your Mac when in proximity.

Gaming Support in Windows vs MacOS:

I have been video games on my windows PC and thus far have played every popular game out there, game developers also provide a windows version of their games whether they are developing games for PlayStation or Xbox. With Sony’s “PlayStation Now” service you can play any PlayStation game right on your windows PC. Xbox companion app let you play multiplayer games across Xbox 1 and windows 10 devices and you can also stream games from Xbox 1 to your PC.

There are a good number of games available for MacOS but the plus point of using windows PC is that you can customize the low level components for gaming needs, while Macs does not allow this sort of customization, although there is a version of steam available for MacOS.

If you are going to use your PC or Laptop for gaming then windows powered machines will suit you best.

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